who are we?

just a little bit about us

Brooke Allen and Michael Kent are a married photographer couple based Traverse City, MI. Obsessed with dogs, coffee, and of course photography, they love to spend their time exploring their home base, Michigan, and traveling often with their dog, Desmond.  Getting to know the people is their favorite part of photography. Make sure you check out the images here to see if their style and vibe is your vision for your photos.

michael kent

Having a BFA from Central Michigan University, I am an artist and a geek. I honestly just love creating things. All kinds of things. Photography, starting with film and evolving into digital, is always a passion of discovery and exploration for me. I care about people. I love the unique stories that each person and family has to share.

brooke allen

I’ve been wanting to capture people through photography for as long as I can remember, but in early college my interest became a total passion turned profession.  Eight years later, here I am doing exactly what I love with my partner in life, Michael Kent.  Communicating with others with others and photographing their connections…Is this really my life?

Taking photos.  Petting dogs.  Northern Michigan proud.


Oh, and this is our pup, desmond.

Traverse City Photography

Traverse City Photography


Thank you to the wonderful Katy Weaver for our photo!