Print rights

Or, what the heck do we do, now that we have our photos!?


Who owns the photos that we shoot together is serious business.
We have gone through great lengths to figure out the best way to make sure that you are happy with you photography experience. Plus making sure that you can create fun things with them :)


personal print rights

These are your standard prints, the 5x7s and 8x10s that you hang on the fridge, or send to Aunt Gertrude. These files are perfect for anything under 8×12.

  • A thumb drive can be purchased for $199

full print rights

Anything over 8×12 is what we call “wall art”. These can be large canvas prints, metal prints, or large paper collages. If you are investing in a large piece of artwork for your home, from experience, you want a professional to handle that printing. We can help create that piece of artwork that makes your house feel like a home.

archival prints vs drug store prints

All of our prints are through a professional print lab, and the images are stunning. Not only that, but they will last the test of time. Professional prints are not just about how they look NOW, but being archival they are also about how they will look to your kids and their kids. Just because you have access to the personal rights, don’t think that you are unable to use our lab. Our lab services all images, big and small. And we love doing it.

design services

We also create some BEAUTIFUL designs with our images. Collages, cards, invites, you name it. We have plenty of samples, just ask.