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        How to Order Prints

        Or, how to bring your beautiful images into the real world.
        Below, we are going to go over the easiest way to turn your digital images into physical art that will last a generation.

        how this works

        Here is a super simple breakdown of the steps needed to turn these special images into beautiful art for the home/gifts/memories. All you have to do is walk through these steps, and we can work together to get these images into the real world!

        1. Review your images, and take the time to write down your absolute favorite images.
          • Go the the gallery delivered in your email
          • Find your favorite images
          • Write down the .JPG number for those images. (ie “MK-00013.jpg”)
        2. Take a look at our materials to get a sense of the different options for creation.
        3. Take a look at the ordering page to write