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Summer Family Photos in Traverse City, a time to focus on family memories

Summers here in Northern Michigan are nothing short of magical. The warm water, the golden glow of the setting sun, and the soft, velvety sand create the perfect backdrop for unforgettable family moments. I am honored to say it is my job to both capture and create these moments for families. And how amazing when a beautiful family I’ve already photographed wants to come back.

Making family memories an annual tradition

I adore meeting new people, it is one of the best aspects of this job. But, when we get the luxury of working again and again, it means that we can deepen not only our relationship, but strengthen the depth that we can go with your images.  And one of the most rewarding aspects of being a photographer is seeing families grow and evolve over the years while photographing that change. This particular session started at an old farmhouse, where the family’s grandmother, aunt, and cousin joined in 20 mins in. This meant we not only dug in deeper, but got to meet more of the family than ever!

Mom and daughter at Summer Family Photos in Traverse City
Grandmother and Granddaughters at Summer Family Photos in Traverse City
Grandmother and granddaughters at Summer Family Photos in Traverse City

From the Farmhouse to the Beach

We began our session at the charming old farmhouse, a place steeped in history and warmth. These amazing kids were eager to show off their perfectly practiced leaps, with proper planning. They requested "practice safety jumps" before doing any on camera. Their energy and joy were infectious, setting a wonderful tone for the day.

We played around here for a while, but our big plan was to get to the beach for sunset. So, we killed a little time while the sun got into it's perfect position.

mom and day taking a quiet moment for themselves at Summer Family Photos in Traverse City

The Magic of the Beach

As we moved to the beach, as with any location change, the ambiance shifted. The low sun cast a golden hue over the landscape, creating the ideal lighting for capturing the beautiful joy of a family that loves spending time together. We took advantage of the golden hour for high-energy fun, with the girls’ repeated leaps against the backdrop of the sunset.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the blue hour brings a calm, reflective mood, perfect for capturing serene and intimate moments between family members. This transition allows us to capture the full spectrum of a family's unique dynamic.

two sisters jumping off of a beach rock at Summer Family Photos in Traverse City

Creating Lasting Memories

Each portrait we take is more than just a photograph; it’s a record of a beautiful moment in your family’s story. These sessions are about more than capturing smiles; they’re about preserving the love, growth, and connections that define a family. We work diligently to ensure these memories are not only captured but done so in a way that honors the family that are in them.

Family portraits should themselves be a positive memory. Something the whole family can look forward to, and plan to be their most real selves. If you stick to this plan, I promise your images will look that much better (and more real/authentic)

There’s something truly special about summer portrait sessions in Traverse City. They’re an opportunity to pause and appreciate the fleeting beauty of the season and the timeless beauty of family. I’m honored to be part of these moments, helping families document their unique stories year after year.

Ready to turn your family sessions into part of an unforgettable story?

If you’re looking to capture your family’s special moments any summer in Traverse City, reach out to schedule a session. Let’s create beautiful memories together.

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