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Traverse City Family Photography that feel like your family

Traverse City Family Photography

Why Family Portraits?

Traverse City Family Photography

As Traverse City family photographers, we work hard to create great experiences that create beautiful memories. Whether it is at Sleeping Bear Dunes, a Lake Michigan beach, a forest, downtown Traverse City, or hanging out at your family cabin, we have the same goal, to show your authenticity.

Families are imperfect, families are messy, but that is where the fun is. We embrace it. Keeping it simple with our families is important to us, creating images that embody the real moments that your family lives in. As photographers, we love to hang out with families at their home with their new babies, out in a forest pretending to be gnomes, or running around at the dunes or beach. For family portraits we focus on vibrant energy, and acceptance. If you want a set of just still posed images, we can recommend a lot of other great photographers. If you want to play, let's do it!

Packages start at $500 and are all completely custom.

“Oh full blown crocodile tears all over again from this girl!! You captured us and our families and our love so well. I can’t get over it. As cheesy as it sounds I can’t even pic top 5 because those are all incredible!! The Bug ones are all I dreamed them to be.”

KateFamily Adventure Session

A bit from our family

Hi! I am Michael. I do a lot of our family photos, and I am your personal hype man plus photo camp counselor. I spend a LOT of energy to make sure that our Traverse City Family Photography sessions feel fun, exciting, as well as a memory that stands as a beautiful family moment

Traditionally, family photos are stressful. I challenge you to let go, let your family energy show, and let's go on an adventure together! I promise the photos will be worth trying something new.
Ok, so how does this work?

Our Process


We get a sense of your style, your personality, your vibe

We will send over a simple questionnaire that helps us get to know you.

We create a concept

We propose a date, time, and location concept based on your unique self.

We meet up and make beautiful images together

At the time of your Traverse City Family Photography shoot we will meet, make a plan together, and create something completely unique to who YOU are.

We edit them into even more beautiful images

We edit every single image you will ever see from us.

Editing your images takes some time, but we promise the end result is completely worth the wait!

By default we will remove basic blemishes without you even asking. Anything beyond the standard blemish removal we would have to have a chat about. For example, we can not remove braces from every image without charging way too much for it, its a TON of work.


You get images

Our delivery timeline is unique. We create a teaser for you that you should get within 2 weeks of your shoot, then our full delivery is due to you 90 days after our shoot together.

We work SUPER hard to get your full set to you faster, but in our busy season that is a good estimate.
If we are getting close to your yearbook deadline, we have plans for that also. Don't worry!


Posts, Prints, Praise

You can post these images anywhere you want, just please do tag us if it makes sense.

Then we can take those photos and make them into unique products for graduation, the home, and gifts for family.

And finally, everyone loves them and we all get excited to see how people react!

This process is completely custom, as we really want your images to speak to you personally.

Ok, let's do this.