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brooke ALLEN + michael KENT = Allen Kent

“There is no one named Allen Kent”

We are a husband and wife photo team who have been shooting together for over 12 years. We like to think our superpower is our ability to make portraits not awkward, but relaxed, fun, and full of authenticity. We love shooting people with hearts of gold who like to laugh and are game for laying down in the middle of the forest (or a hike up to the dunes, or a swim in the lake, or…). You get the idea.

We do not believe in perfection, in our photos or in people. Come as you are, trust in the process, we got you.

Brooke Allen

I am a creative, compassionate photographer/dog-person who enjoys down-to-earth/kind people, rearranging her furniture, and music that fills you up all the way.

Michael Stewart Patrick Kent

I am a coffee loving, extroverted nerd who is always ready for a great conversation. I dream big, I’m terrible at directions, yet I can explain in detail how a black hole works. People describe me as a golden retriever, which I take as the highest of compliments.

the rest of our family

Our Children

In our world, families are complex and beautiful. This means that we treat your whole family as family. No matter how small, young, covered in spit up, or furry they are.

Ok, that's us. Now come see how we think.