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Traverse City Proposal Photos that feel

Traverse City Proposal Photographer

Traverse City Proposal Photographer

proposal photos built around your unique relationship

This whole process should reflect what makes your relationship special

The decision to bind yourself to another is uniquely human. Your engagement story deserves images that radiate as deeply powerful, and uniquely magical as your partnership.

We are proud to have spend almost a decade and a half soaking in these moments, seeing the evolution of so many relationships. Whether alone on the coast of a summer beach, or a private living room with your closest family members, we help to craft and capture moments of joy that speak to what your relationship REALLY feels like.

Why we shoot Proposals

For many people reading this, this is their first time hiring a photographer. It can be overwhelming, and kinda exhausting. We have been doing this for almost 15 years, and we have seen so many different stories.

We LOVE helping to craft the experience from surprise to excitedly sharing the news with the rest of the family.

If we have the luxury of working with you on your wedding, frankly, we are best at our job as wedding photographers when we are already friends. So, let’s become friends.

“I know what y'all are thinking...yes we have the best photographers EVER who can capture the most perfect little moments and make them the big ones.”


Why Traverse City?

We have taken photos and portraits on a wide range of this beautiful planet. There are endless locations that we COULD be located. Bigger markets, taller mountains, places with less snow.

But, if you have spent time in Traverse City, especially as a proposal photographer, you know how magical our coastlines, or forests, our dunes, and our people are. Northern Michigan has the best summers in the country hands down, and the people that we get to photograph while we are here? The best in the world.

Traverse City continues to be one of the most unique, beautiful, and awe inspiring spaces to have the luxury to document. While we do indeed travel all over to photograph humans, NoMI and Traverse City will always have a soft spot for us.

If you have watched the sun set over Lake Michigan, on a beach with no one around you for miles... you understand.

Brooke and Michael are magical. They collaborate flawlessly. Wonderful couple that that take beautiful photos.


I don’t know where to start! Brooke and Michael are so laid back and easygoing while still maintaining professionalism so it makes it easy to be comfortable and trust them. The whole experience of getting our photos taken never felt like WE had to feel the pressure of making it a good shoot—they just knew what to do. Not to mention their photo style is incredible. They’re so great at capturing moments between poses that make your photos truly can look back and remember how you felt when it was being taken it’s almost palpable just from an image. They are truly skilled artists!


Allen-Kent photography has a way of making you feel comfortable while also taking the best photos in Northern MI! I would highly recommend them to use for any photos you may need!


These are AMAZING!!!! We love how you captured everyone’s emotions! Thank you so so much!! We were cracking up at some of the faces you caught. Incredible. These are everything we’ve ever hoped for. Thank you both! We just love you two! ❤️


Brooke and Michael are absolutely amazing. Their work speaks for itself, but they went above and beyond, and helped us so much with our wedding! Michael brought my husband his tie, Brooke made sure to grab my winter coat and boots, so I would be comfortable between shots. They were able to capture some of our favorite wedding day moments, and preserve our day.


The Process

Our photography experience is always unique, but proposals doubly so.

From here on out, we are working together to find the exact right place, time, and day to make sure that your portraits showcase your genuine spirit and personality.

Take a look at the guide below, see how we work/think and start to think for yourself of some of the places you are the happiest – some of parts of who you are that you love the most of each other. We have a process to help us pick all of these, but we really want to make sure that they vibe with what makes you sincerely happy.

Traverse City Proposal Photographer

How does this work?

fill out the survey that you received
we will reach out over text or email to make sure we can communicate discretely. Surprise is half of the fun
we will use this to create a customized concept for where, when, and what we are doing. Including specifics on where to stand and how to do things
- photo day -
your photos will be delivered to you over email - you now can post on social, or download for other uses!!!
review prints, albums, and gifts in your gallery
prints show up at your door

This process is completely custom, as we really want your images to speak to you personally.

Traverse City Proposal Photographer

Ok, let's do this.