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        So, what do we do? And how do we do it?

        We create honest photographs of good people. That comes in a lot of forms:

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        Lifestyle Family Portraits

        Honest portraits of beautiful moments

        We love shooting weddings of good humans. People who care about other people, and especially each other. Our process is simple, we want to be a fly on the wall and document the day, create rad portraits, and dance with you to probably Prince and David Bowie at your party. We are not into super posed images, and through getting to know you two, we get that natural sweetness and emotion. Afterward, we want to give you giant hugs, and feel so grateful to have met one another, because we are now definitely friends.

        Genuine, unique senior portraits

        Our goal is just one thing: creation of unique portraits that feel true and authentic. We are not into cheesy poses or props. We are into learning about you, finding unique locations, and bringing out your personality. The best compliment we get is “wow, that was a lot more fun than I had expected”. We want to have fun, create beautiful things, and get to know your spirit.

        We have been shooting portraits and seniors for about almost 10 years, and our style has certainly developed, but the goal will always be that same goal.

        Spend a moment wrapped up in your relationship

        Love is the freaking best. We are all about spending time with sweet couples and making rad portraits. Whether it’s in your favorite part of the forest with the pup, or laying in bed eating pizza, your love story is sweet and deserves to told. As always, our superpower is non-awkwardness, so if you feel too inexperienced to get portraits taken, do. not. worry. We got you!

        Capture the true essence of your family

        Families are imperfect, families are messy, but that is where the fun is. We embrace it. We keep it simple with our families, creating images that embody the real moments that your family lives in. We love to hang out with families at their home with their new babies, out in a forest pretending to be gnomes, or running around at the dunes or beach. For family portraits we focus on vibrant energy, and acceptance. If you want a set of just still posed images, we can recommend a lot of other great photographers. If you want to play, let's do it!