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In a world dominated by images, video, and marketing, it does not do to just "stand out". Instead, we focus on what makes your brand (or your image, or your self) stand out as uniquely you. We focus on creating images that speak to what is unique, and intrinsic to your product (or self, or project).

Trends come and go, as do styles, and themes, and concepts. But, what remains is authentic and truly heartfelt truth.

Be unironically you.

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Commercial Portraits

Portraits. Not just an image of you, but a something that speaks to what you do, how you do it, or how you make your clients feel.
Our commercial portraits are all custom designed to make sure that they are creating the energy that you want attached to your brand, or your personal project.

Travel Events

If your work takes you to beautiful places, your clients should see it in the best light. We have experience shooting portraits and events in North America, South America, and Europe.

"Michael and Brooke capture the essence of our in person events and make our guest experiences come to life! They've traveled with us across the globe for retreats and culinary tours and their commitment to excellence is unparalleled."

Megan GunnellGunnell Innovation Culinary Tours

Branding/Marketing Images

Create images for marketing and branding that speak the same language as your brand.

Unique Staff Portraits

Staff portraits that resonate with the energy and excitement of your team! You put a lot of work into creating the perfect team, do not settle for images that lack their unique spark.

Using a backdrops designed around your brands colors, we can either do this at your space, or ours. These image are designed to create a cohesive look that can stand out as your brand's unique style.

Ok, let's do this.

M+B: Once again, we are beyond overwhelmed, grateful, and excited for this very special gift you have given us. Peter and I have had such an amazing time reliving our wedding day through these photos. Feedback from family so far includes, "unbelievable talent and vision" "so so so SO beautiful" and "those sunset photos could be in a magazine" - we couldn't agree more 🙂


these pictures captured how we feel about each other, even though she’s in the midst of the sassy three year old stage, it’s amazing you were able to do that...I think it’s because she felt comfortable around you to open up, you captured in photo form how I feel about my first baby, and that’s incredible

CrystalFamily Portraits

These are AMAZING!!!! We love how you captured everyone’s emotions! Thank you so so much!! We were cracking up at some of the faces you caught. Incredible. These are everything we’ve ever hoped for. Thank you both! We just love you two! ❤️


Words cannot express how excited we are and how awesome these photos are! We’ve got giddy butterflies all over again. Wow. You guys are incredibly gifted and we feel so honored that you captured our day. Thank you so, so much.