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Traverse City Weddings that feel like your relationship

Carolyn + Megan Port Oneida Engagement Shoot

Traverse City Wedding Photographer

Weddings with real feelings

A unique hybrid "here for the party" and a "fly on the wall"

Weddings are a time of magic, held breaths, and some of the most intense human emotions we are capable of. We are proud to have spend almost a decade and a half soaking in these moments, seeing the evolution of so many relationships. Whether alone on the coast of a summer beach, or a private living room with your closest family members, we help to craft and capture moments of joy that speak to what your relationship REALLY feels like.

The story of your relationship deserves images that radiate your unique energy.

Why we shoot weddings

This entire process is emotional, your wedding day is unique and powerful in many ways. And, frankly, we are best at our job as wedding photographers when we are already friends. So, let’s become friends. Filling out the details below will help us get a sense of you, your partner, and your relationship. From here, we will establish a time to start to get to know each other. After everything is done, we want to give you giant hugs, and feel so grateful to have met one another, because we are now definitely friends.

“I know what y'all are thinking...yes we have the best photographers EVER who can capture the most perfect little moments and make them the big ones.”


Why Traverse City?

We have taken photos and portraits on a wide range of this beautiful planet. There are endless locations that we COULD be located. Bigger markets, taller mountains, places with less snow.

But, if you have spent time in Traverse City, especially as a wedding photographer, you know how magical our coastlines, or forests, our dunes, and our people are. Northern Michigan has the best summers in the country hands down, and the people that we get to photograph while we are here? The best in the world.

Traverse City continues to be one of the most unique, beautiful, and awe inspiring spaces to have the luxury to document. While we do indeed travel all over to photograph humans, NoMI and Traverse City will always have a soft spot for us.

If you have watched the sun set over Lake Michigan, on a beach with no one around you for miles... you understand.

Brooke and Michael are magical. They collaborate flawlessly. Wonderful couple that that take beautiful photos.


I don’t know where to start! Brooke and Michael are so laid back and easygoing while still maintaining professionalism so it makes it easy to be comfortable and trust them. The whole experience of getting our photos taken never felt like WE had to feel the pressure of making it a good shoot—they just knew what to do. Not to mention their photo style is incredible. They’re so great at capturing moments between poses that make your photos truly can look back and remember how you felt when it was being taken it’s almost palpable just from an image. They are truly skilled artists!


Allen-Kent photography has a way of making you feel comfortable while also taking the best photos in Northern MI! I would highly recommend them to use for any photos you may need!


These are AMAZING!!!! We love how you captured everyone’s emotions! Thank you so so much!! We were cracking up at some of the faces you caught. Incredible. These are everything we’ve ever hoped for. Thank you both! We just love you two! ❤️


Brooke and Michael are absolutely amazing. Their work speaks for itself, but they went above and beyond, and helped us so much with our wedding! Michael brought my husband his tie, Brooke made sure to grab my winter coat and boots, so I would be comfortable between shots. They were able to capture some of our favorite wedding day moments, and preserve our day.

Ok, so how does this work?

Our Process


We get a sense of your style, your personality, your vibe

Fill out the form below, and we will send over a simple questionnaire that helps us get to know you.

It is only fair, you can see about us here.


We meet over zoom/facetime

It is super important to us that we get the chance to meet face-to-face. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, allows us to make some plans, but most importantly it allows us all to make sure that we click, vibe, connect, etc.

It is a lot to ask a stranger to show up to your wedding, so we want to make sure we are friends asap!


We meet up and make beautiful images together

At the time of your shoot we will meet, make a plan together, and create something completely unique to who YOU are.

We edit them into even more beautiful images

We edit every single image you will ever see from us.

Editing your images takes some time, but we promise the end result is completely worth the wait!

By default we will remove basic blemishes without you even asking. Anything beyond the standard blemish removal we would have to have a chat about. For example, we can not remove braces from every image without charging way too much for it, its a TON of work.


You get images

Our delivery timeline is unique. We create a teaser for you that you should get within 2 weeks of your shoot, then our full delivery is due to you 90 days after our shoot together.

We work SUPER hard to get your full set to you faster, but in our busy season that is a good estimate.
If we are getting close to your yearbook deadline, we have plans for that also. Don't worry!


Posts, Prints, Praise

You can post these images anywhere you want, just please do tag us if it makes sense.

Then we can take those photos and make them into unique products for graduation, the home, and gifts for family.

And finally, everyone loves them and we all get excited to see how people react!

This process is completely custom, as we really want your images to speak to you personally.

Traverse City Wedding Photographer

Ok, let's do this.