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creative mini photography sessions


In the winter we take a breath, get creative, and decide what types of sessions we’d like to try out.  There are several types of sessions this year, all using different types of cameras.   Collaborate with us on making rad portraits of good humans.


Three types of sessions available.  Prices will vary due to cost of film and film processing.  If you don’t see an option that appeals to you, reach out.  Maybe we can make you one.

creative mini photography sessions

Black and White 35mm Film Sessions.


includes film & processing// extra roll of film (and therefore extra time) for $350

This session is shot only on film.  Meant for couples, friends, or individuals, this is an intimate session roaming downtown Traverse City and shooting, well 24 images on film.  Depending on the shoot, it could range from 5 – 15 minutes.

creative mini photography sessionsWinter Beach Sessions


Winter Beach sessions on TC West Bay.  These sessions are meant for single portraits, seniors, couples, small friend groups or families (4 count and lower preferrred).   Embrace winter and put on your cozy sweaters and coats for your portraits.  Approx 15-20 minutes.

creative mini photography sessionsThrift Sessions


extra time and outfit for $325

Maybe a date night plan?  Maybe an event for a group of friends or family?  Go thrifting before your session and find something incredible to wear.  Then head to us for a weird/silly and fun photo shoot at Logan’s Landing.  We can shoot with our professional cameras, or Y2K early digital cameras.  Your choice.  Approx 10-15 minutes.

examples of the sessions below

Ok, let's do this.

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    M+B: Once again, we are beyond overwhelmed, grateful, and excited for this very special gift you have given us. Peter and I have had such an amazing time reliving our wedding day through these photos. Feedback from family so far includes, "unbelievable talent and vision" "so so so SO beautiful" and "those sunset photos could be in a magazine" - we couldn't agree more 🙂


    these pictures captured how we feel about each other, even though she’s in the midst of the sassy three year old stage, it’s amazing you were able to do that...I think it’s because she felt comfortable around you to open up, you captured in photo form how I feel about my first baby, and that’s incredible

    CrystalFamily Portraits

    These are AMAZING!!!! We love how you captured everyone’s emotions! Thank you so so much!! We were cracking up at some of the faces you caught. Incredible. These are everything we’ve ever hoped for. Thank you both! We just love you two! ❤️


    Words cannot express how excited we are and how awesome these photos are! We’ve got giddy butterflies all over again. Wow. You guys are incredibly gifted and we feel so honored that you captured our day. Thank you so, so much.