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How to select your yearbook image

Ok! It is about that time. we need to start gathering your selections so that we can send them into the school for you. Below you will see a list of what we need, plus some tips on how to best select a yearbook image from your photos.

What we need from you:

What school are you at?

We have it on file, but please let us know, just to make sure!


What name do you want?

The spelling and layout of your name. For this you have some options:
•First and Last name
•First, Middle, Last
•First, Middle Initial, Last
•You can also pick a standard shortened name (Mike VS Michael) if you have one
•You can also pick your “additional name” if you have it on file at the school office. If you don’t know what this is, you don’t have it.


Which image do you want?

Go to your gallery, find your favorite image, and look at the number your-name-0053.jpg would be number 53


Tips on how to select a yearbook image


Your yearbook photo needs to be:

  • head and shoulders only

  • no hands showing

  • no hats

  • Looking at camera

  • In color

Good examples of bad picks

These photos don't work because they are:

  • Left photo is full body

  • Middle photo is not looking at camera, plus you can see hands

  • Right photo has hands showing

"I love photo #03 but it's too wide, can you crop it?"

Yes of course, but there are limits. So, let's look at what we can vs can't do

Good Crop

This works, because we are just cropping into a slightly wider image, and just cropping out the hands.

Bad Crop - there are limits

We don't have unlimited cropping. There are limits. If you are unsure, you can just ask, but know that we can do a lot, but not everything.

Bad Crop - still needs to follow rules

This does not work, because it is in Black & White, and there are hands in there. We still need to stick to the other rules.

That's it! That is all we need!

Just respond to the email with your answers, and we will deliver your yearbook image to your school.