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Thrive in

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Create images that will help your practice Thrive

Portraits designed to show your personality, allowing you to put the best foot forward for your current and potential clients.

Who are we?

Michael Kent // Brooke Allen

Based in Northern Michigan, we are a creative portrait team that has been shooting together for getting close to 15 years. We are married, have a 3 year old named Milo, and a beautiful old grumpy dog named Desi.

We have been working with Megan on a number of projects since she hired us to do her daughter's senior portraits in early 2022. She and her husband hired our team to document their Culinary Tour in Tuscany last fall and since then we have formed a collaborative partnership for all of her business photography needs.

We are honored to be coming along, and can not WAIT to meet you all. Check out the info below, and let us know if you have any questions for us.

Creative portrait examples

Note all packages come with:

  • Basic blemish and touchup always included
  • High resolution images for printing anywhere
  • Web images for posting on social media and on your website
  • Access to our custom print shop for ordering prints if you want to order photos in your jammies!
  • A full walkthrough of how to take great photos, and a guide that really cares about making sure that you love your images!

Simple Solo Portrait

  • 1 location
  • up to 7 image
  • takes around 10 mins
  • perfect for a nice clean look

Authentic Solo Portrait

  • 2 locations
  • up to 20 images
  • takes around 20 mins
  • showcase your inner self

Premium Solo Portrait

  • 3-4 locations
  • no limit on images
  • we will work with you directly on timing and locations
  • Showcase your inner self
  • Establish your brand!

Simple Multi-Portrait

  • 1 location
  • up to 15 images
  • takes around 15 mins
  • up to 3 people
  • solo portraits for each, plus a group photo

Authentic Multi-Portrait

  • 2 locations
  • up to 30 photos
  • takes around 30 mins
  • up to 4 people
  • solo portraits for each, plus 2 group photos

Premium Multi-Portrait

  • 3-4 locations
  • no limit on images
  • we will work with you directly on timings and locations
  • almost no limit on number of people
  • solo portraits for each, plus a few different group photos

What we mean by location: not walking 40 mins to the next beach, but these are what we call micro-locations. We will be looking for a different look for each of your locations to show of the beauty of this area, but also making sure that you can get back to your sessions on time.

Ok, let's do this.

    What kind of session are you interested in?

    Send us a message, please let us know if you have any needs that we might need to anticipate, and if you have any days of the event that will not work for you.

    M+B: Once again, we are beyond overwhelmed, grateful, and excited for this very special gift you have given us. Peter and I have had such an amazing time reliving our wedding day through these photos. Feedback from family so far includes, "unbelievable talent and vision" "so so so SO beautiful" and "those sunset photos could be in a magazine" - we couldn't agree more 🙂


    these pictures captured how we feel about each other, even though she’s in the midst of the sassy three year old stage, it’s amazing you were able to do that...I think it’s because she felt comfortable around you to open up, you captured in photo form how I feel about my first baby, and that’s incredible

    CrystalFamily Portraits

    These are AMAZING!!!! We love how you captured everyone’s emotions! Thank you so so much!! We were cracking up at some of the faces you caught. Incredible. These are everything we’ve ever hoped for. Thank you both! We just love you two! ❤️


    Words cannot express how excited we are and how awesome these photos are! We’ve got giddy butterflies all over again. Wow. You guys are incredibly gifted and we feel so honored that you captured our day. Thank you so, so much.