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An opportunity from the pool

I personally carry a quite simple camera with me at all times (a Fuji X100F for the camera geeks out there), and I do so for exactly this type of situation.

Picture this moment: Visiting family for the holidays, swimming in the pool with my son, when I see a couple walking in the BEAUTIFUL reds and creams of traditional Chinese dress. I have photographed a couple of Chinese weddings, so I aware this dress is designed for celebration. Seeing as it is Dec 31st, it would make sense for it to be for New Years day ... even if it is not Chinese New Year.

I promise I tried to leave them alone... I mean, I REALLY tried. But, they were fiddling with a camera on a tripod and I SWEAR they looked like they needed help. So, I swam over and introduced myself. Offered to help, and then jumped out of the pool, grabbed a towel and my camera. Then I proceeded to create some beautiful images in the setting Florida sun.

Friendly reminder to my fellow creatives, keep your eyes open for those unique opportunities... even if you have to start soaking wet.


I am a coffee loving, extroverted nerd who is always ready for a great conversation. I dream big, I’m terrible at directions, yet I can explain in detail how a black hole works. People describe me as a golden retriever, which I take as the highest of compliments.

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