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Making a Splash: Unforgettable Family Portraits on Traverse City Beach

The serene shores of Lake Michigan at Traverse City Beach offer a unique setting for capturing family memories. Beyond the picturesque views, the lake's gentle waves invite a playful and engaging experience, perfect for a family portrait session. Why not make your next family photo shoot a delightful splash in the waters of Traverse City Beach?

Family Photographed on Traverse City Beach

Embracing the Waters of Lake Michigan

The picturesque beaches in the Traverse City area, with their scenic views of Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bay, offer a splendid setting for family portraits. These beaches provide a diverse canvas, from tranquil waters to soft sandy shores, perfect for capturing a range of family moments. Imagine a photo session that gracefully moves from traditional dry portraits to playful water adventures.

A Tale of Two Scenes: From Classic to Carefree

We often begin a session with playful yet more traditional family portraits on the shore. Clean light, beautiful backgrounds, dry clothes! This is your chance to capture those timeless, frame-worthy photos against the diverse and beautiful backdrops that the Traverse City beaches offer.

Then! It's time to let everyone play! As the session unfolds, let the natural charm of Lake Michigan entice your family into a fun-filled experience by the water. This transition brings a wonderful mix of poised and playful photographs to your family album.

Beautiful clean family portrait on the shore of a traverse city beach
dad and kid playing in the water on a traverse city beach
Dad and kid jumping off of a dock at a traverse city beach

Preparing for a Lakeside Adventure

  1. Outfit Selection: Choose attire that works well for both land and water. Outfits that are comfortable yet photograph well are ideal for this dual-setting session.
  2. Pack the Essentials: Towels, a change of clothes, and perhaps a cozy blanket are must-haves for post-water comfort. Being prepared allows everyone to fully enjoy the experience.
  3. Prioritize Safety: Even with the generally calm waters near Traverse City, it’s important to select a safe area, particularly for families with young children. But, don't worry, we will always help you select the perfect location.
mom and kid spinning in the water of a traverse city beach

Capturing the Magic

Family photos taken on the shores of Traverse City's beaches can be extraordinarily beautiful. Here are some tips to make these memories shine:

  1. Golden Hour Brilliance: Time your session to coincide with the golden hour. The soft, golden light of sunset over Lake Michigan creates a breathtaking backdrop.
  2. Encourage Genuine Moments: Let your session evolve naturally, especially when it comes to water play. Capture the candid joy and spontaneity as your family interacts with the lake.
Dad and kid jumping off of a dock at a traverse city beach

Why Choose Traverse City's Beaches for your family photographs?

The beaches around Traverse City are more than just scenic spots; they're venues where families can create lasting memories. The expansive shores and calm waters of Lake Michigan offer a perfect blend of picturesque settings and playful opportunities, ideal for capturing your family’s personality and love.

whole family jumping off of a dock at a traverse city beach

Ready to turn your family photography session into an unforgettable story?

Let’s make it happen together! You’re not just capturing a moment; you’re creating a legacy. Remember, you're not alone in this journey. From planning the perfect wet to dry outfit to capturing every heartfelt emotion, I'm here to help craft your perfect family photography story.

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