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        Some lovely humans

        Just a handful of the beautiful, kind, and wonderful human beings that allow us to create rad portraits together with them.

        traverse city senior portrait photographer October 7, 2017

        Abby // Traverse City Senior Portrait

        traverse city senior portrait June 30, 2017

        Christina // traverse city senior portraits

        Hiking into the Lake Michigan shoreline in Empire with Christina, was pure Michigan magic. On what felt like the most beautiful day of the year, we danced on the rolling hills, sat among the wildflow...
        Traverse City Senior Portraits June 20, 2017

        ashley // traverse city senior portraits

        Ashley's retro, self proclaimed "Marcia Brady" style, and super sweet personality led to an inspiring set of senior pictures. We hung around some local tennis courts for that golden hour retro look a...
        northern michigan senior portraits pictures June 14, 2017

        Grace // northern Michigan senior portrait

        We wandered around the narrows near Glen Arbor, Michigan and Sleeping bear dunes with Grace for her senior portraits. She is her name. Graceful and really, really fun. We dodged poison ivy, cars, a...
        traverse city senior portraits photography February 17, 2017

        Jonelle // traverse city senior portrait

        Traverse City Senior Portrait photography February 15, 2017

        Katie // senior portrait

        We shot with Katie SUPER late into fall, and the colors in Northern Michigan are always next level. There is a calm strength to Katie's independence, strength that shows up on camera so well. Love thi...
        Traverse City Senior Portraits February 9, 2017

        Katie // senior portrait

        Water is a big deal up north. We have a lot of it, and we love it. Our lakes and rivers offer so much to us, from clean air and drinking water, to a place to cool down when the world starts to burn. W...
        Traverse City senior portrait photography February 3, 2017

        Alyssa // Senior Portrait

        Just a few images from Alyssa's session. The cold was brutal, but she really nailed it despite shivering like an cold puppy.
        Traverse City senior portrait photography February 1, 2017

        Haley // senior portraits

        A truly relaxing and inspiring shoot with Haley in downtown TC.  Urban adventures for the win.
        northern michigan senior pictures January 21, 2017

        Andy // senior portrait

        January 20, 2017

        Jenna // teaser // senior portrait